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Why Do People Come to See Dr. Guo? PDF Print E-mail

There are many reasons that different people seek Dr. Guo’s help.

Here are some other concerns that have led parents to seek Dr. Guo’s help:

  • My daughter is dating a young man from school. I don’t want her to pay so much attention to him and neglect her school work. She gets so angry with me at times and says that I am interfering with her freedom. How can we find a solution so she can have her freedom and I can be sure that she does not waste her time on boys? 
  • I am very anxious because I am worried about my son. His teacher said that he has started to hit his classmates when they don’t let him use the computer at school. 
  • I am worried about my son. He is studying at the university but he always drops some courses after mid-term. 
  • I am worried about my daughter who studies in Canada. She said that she feels lonely and is unhappy. We have invested so much effort and money to send her there and now she says she is not happy. We are worried that if she comes back to China, she cannot get into a good university here. 
  • My daughter is very bright. I don’t know how to be her mother.
  • Can you help my son? He told us that he likes men but not women.