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What is an Assessment?

An assessment is a valuable tool to answer specific questions in such areas as education, training, enhancing performance, career planning, personality patterns, emotional self regulation, disability, rehabilitation, reintegration into the workforce, or psychological treatment.

The goals of assessment include:

  • Identifying a problem or a set of problems
  • Identifying the impact of any particularly traumatic experiences
  • Providing a diagnosis
  • Formulating recommendations

In some cases, providing a supportive or advocacy document that may be needed — for example, when applying for treatment sessions or seeking accommodation of special needs when applying to a university or college

The assessment process involves a clinical interview and administration of recognized psychometric tests in order to answer your concerns, arrive at meaningful conclusions, and make specific recommendations.

In most cases, the test results, conclusion and recommendation are discussed with you in a feedback session. The time required varies depending on the type of questions we need to answer.