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Are you worried that your child is unhappy? Are you seeking new ways to help your child?

All parents want to provide the best for their children. But under the pressures of making a living, busy schedules, academic concerns, and changes occurring in society and the media, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed about helping your children, teens, or young adults to achieve their best.

If you feel that they are underperforming at school or are too anxious, unhappy, or angry, or if you feel unsure and worried about your parenting role, why not check in with Dr. Guo to explore possible causes and develop practical and creative solutions? Together you could explore skills that would help you to:

  • Better understand your child’s needs and capacities
  • Respond to your child, teen, or young adult in effective ways that suit their developmental needs and tasks
  • Coach your children in new skills to apply in handling new situations or achieving their goals Provide social skills training for your children and help them to interact with their friends more appropriately
  • Strengthen your family system
  • Balance parenting responsibilities and dual careers

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