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Couples Therapy Toronto

Many of us long for an intimate relationship that meets our needs and provides mutual emotional support when facing life’s challenges. Does your relationship needs enhancing?

You may have begun a new a relationship. Does its meet your needs? Do you want to become closer?

Or perhaps you have been together for years. Does your relationship need a general tune-up?

Couples of different cultures experience richness in their lives, but may also face certain challenges. Do you need to affirm and negotiate your beliefs and values?

Individuals or couples can benefit from working with a coach to achieve a rich and fulfilling relationship and better understand their mutual emotional needs. Exploring communication patterns and developing new ways to interact with each other are emphasized. Couple and relationship therapy can help you to:

  • Communicate clearly
  • Explore ways to resolve conflicts effectively
  • Cope with new challenges in life
  • Promote and deepen intimacy
  • Recover from emotional injury such as an extra-marital affair

Toronto couples therapy