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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is an unfamiliar and a relatively new concept for many people.

Psychotherapy is a joint and collaborative journey between an individual and a psychologist. Within a safe and supportive environment, an individual can talk openly about issues related to his or her life, career, studies, or relationship. By using scientific knowledge and procedures, a psychologist helps an individual to find solution(s) or resolution(s) for his or her challenges.

Good therapeutic work leaves an individual feeling in control and hopeful.

There are many paths individuals take to reach their personal goal(s):

  • To learn skills to cope with a difficult condition or situation. This may include trauma, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic diseases (debates, fibromyalgia, or high blood pressure), ADHD, sexual dysfunction, or relationship issues.
  • To change unwanted behaviours and thoughts. For example, binge eating, internet addiction, or persisting thoughts of dying, loss of a loved one, or low self-esteem.
  • To get rid of or avoid unpleasant and negative emotions. For instance, feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, anger or feeling overwhelmed.
  • To learn to accept situations that cannot change. For example, the loss of a loved one, chronic illness, or past emotional wounds, including parental neglect, abuse or violence.
  • To build resilience or an “emotional immune system”. Some people are relatively satisfied with their lives and therapy sessions are viewed as regular “emotional check-ups” to make sure that their lives are on the right track. They can consistently update their skill set to meet the demands of their environment.
  • To learn skills to achieve your goals in different stages of your life. Individuals who aim for success in their lives can enroll in specific program such as “Becoming a Confident Person”, “Managing Your Emotion”,“Building Communication Skills”, or “Making the Best of Your Brain”.

In short, psychotherapy is an effective way to remove barriers or cope with challenges in our life. As a result, it can increase our adaptive ability in our environment. We can be freer to explore the richness and possibilities in life.

What is psychotherapy