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Many people who are in emotional pain often feel alone, trapped and helpless. They feel that no one, including themselves, can get them out of the state they are in.

In fact, working with a psychologist can help individuals find resources to move them out of their sadness, irritability, and fear.

Therapy sessions are a safe and supportive place where you can vent your feelings and thoughts.

While venting you thoughts and feelings is an important part of the work you do with a psychologist, you need to allow room for a psychologist to help you to identify the goals of the visit.

In general, people in trouble work on three broad goals: (1) controlling the symptoms, such as sadness or anger; (2) changing the patterns of their thoughts or behaviour; (3) dealing with the root causes of their difficulties. The length of treatment is therefore based on the goals you choose.

Some people have an expectation that by telling their stories, a psychologist can make them feel better. This is an unrealistic expectation.

A psychologist does not have a magic wand and cannot make your problems go away immediately.

The truth is that you are the expert of your situation. If you are open and allow a psychologist to be your fellow traveller, you can find ways to move out of your current circumstance and toward a path you wish to go.

After identifying goals of the treatment, the next step is for you to carry out and test the potential solutions.

The goals can be learning skills, building resilience, changing thoughts or behaviours, processing your painful experiences, or accepting the situation.

Time is your best friend, as you need time to let the solutions work in your life.

What can you expect in therapy sessions?